Araba Adedayo Ologundudu, is the founder and executive director of Global Foundation for Environmental Management ( registered in NY in 2009, and Ile, which is a temple that was first established in Brooklyn in NY in 1995. Araba Adedayo also founded The Center for Spoken Words & Performing Arts in NY in the year 2004. He is native to Ife-Ife, Nigeria. He was born into the Yoruba tribe, and in his adult life, was initiated as a chief of the Yoruba tribe and a priest of the Yoruba religion, a practice focusing on the study of the scriptures and the Odu Ifa; the seeking of guidance through divination, and the seeking of natural healing methods through this divination system. He is the first Araba of the United States of America and the Diaspora He was ordained by the Araba Agbaye and the council of elders at the Head Quarters of Ifa and Orisa religion worldwide in Oketase Ile Ife. The Araba Agbaye’s position is to Ifa and Orisa religion as the Pope in Roman Catholic faith. The Araba in the other jurisdictions positions are the same as the Bishops in the Catholic faith around the world.
For over 35 years, Araba Adedayo Ologundudu have lived in the United States and has been very active in carrying on the Yoruba tradition both in places where it is commonly practiced such as Nigeria and the Caribbean, as well as in America, where it is not as common. In 1977, while in Nigeria, Araba Adedayo founded the Ọbàtálá Cultural Center, a center with the purpose of further developing Yoruba music, dance, and art. In 1987, he coordinated the first Conference of the Ifa priests in New York City, a conference for Yoruba priests and priestesses. He also organized the first Ifa Celebration in Oakland California in 1995. Araba Adedayo has taught classes on Yoruba language and Ifa divination system throughout the Caribbean as well as at the Caribbean Cultural Center in New York City from 1981 -1983.. Araba Adedayo Ologundudu received a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Construction Management, and a Master of Science degree in Urban Environmental Systems Management from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. Araba Adedayo is a drummer and a musician and he has performed and lectured at many venues in the United States, including the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C, the Museum of Natural History in New York City, Washington Square Church in NY, Symphony Space NY, as well as many colleges across the country. He published his first book The Cradle of Yoruba Culture in 2008. The Spanish version of the book was co edited by Oluwo Anthonio Prada and published in 2009. Other books published by the Araba include the Original major Odu Ifa Ile Ife published in 2010 Araba was recently an adjunct lecturer at the Federal University of Technology Akure teaching Building Construction Technology before called to become the Araba for the United States. He was ordained by the Araba Agbaye and the council of the elders, witnessed by several traditional Kings of the Yoruba land on June 28th 2014.
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