• To promote unity among practitioners.

The duties of the Araba are as follows:

      1. To promote unity among practitioners.


      2. To uplift and strengthen the faith of the religion.


      3. To spread the knowledge and ethics of the religion.


      4. To lead prayers and bless ceremonies


    5. To make peace and harmony among the different groups of practitioners.

Practitioners of Ifa in the United States are urged to contact the Araba if there are any questions, concerns, or disputes. Please email him at chiefdayo@ileorunmila.org as the Chief is committed to bringing unity and harmony to the Ifa community here in the states.

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Yoruba Traditional Spiritual Rhythm and Blues

This collection of songs is an adaptation of the original Orisa songs in Orin Orisa. A rhythm and blues feel has been put on these songs to make them more appealing to the non-traditional ear.

Price: $10.00

The Major Odu Ifa

The first 16 Odu Ifa.

Price: $20.00

The Cradle of Yoruba Culture

The Cradle of Yoruba Culture is a definative work of the great Nigerian tribe of the Yoruba's.  Chief Dayo explains and delineates the culture as it relates to history and the Orisa.  This is a must have for any person interested in the Yoruba culture, religious practices and philosophy.

Price: $25.00
Price: $10.00

Ogbe Oyeku Volume 3 of 18

Volume 3 of 18 Odu Ifa verses explained.

Price: $20.00