• To promote unity among practitioners.

The duties of the Araba are as follows:

    1. To promote unity among practitioners.
    2. To uplift and strengthen the faith of the religion.
    3. To spread the knowledge and ethics of the religion.
    4. To lead prayers and bless ceremonies
    5. To make peace and harmony among the different groups of practitioners.

Practitioners of Ifa in the United States are urged to contact the Araba if there are any questions, concerns, or disputes. Please email him at chiefdayo@ileorunmila.org as the Chief is committed to bringing unity and harmony to the Ifa community here in the states.

Modúpé Púpọ̀ gbogbo Awo ati gbogbo eyin eniyan.
I thank all the Babaláwo and Ìyánífá that have congratulated me for my position as the First Àràbà for the United States of America. My goal and hope for the world and our coming generations is to make a peaceful and beautiful world for humanity. Our culture and religion have made and continue to make great contributions to the progress of humankind in the world in the area of herbal healing and other innovations. However, we can do more.
As the Chinese have done, the Indians and the rest of the world are making it, we can unite all over the world as Omo Olódùmarè, “Children of the Creator of all things and the earth”. I am sure we will accomplish the goal.
The Àràbà therefore implores all people to organize in their communities. Organize seminars, forums, lectures, presentations and other events to share the knowledge and awareness about our need for unity and preservation of our natural religion, traditions and cultural existence.
Remember that if we perish ourselves the earth will still remain. Ifa says “Ilẹ̀ ki ikú, ṣíṣá ni ilẹ̀ ṣá” Àwa ènìyàn orí ilẹ̀ ní pa ipò dà”.
If organizations, groups and communities put together forums, lectures, presentations and seminars in their areas, then The Àràbà will welcome invitation from any group for lectures, seminars and presentations.

You can reach the Àràbà @ 9178416317(US)
+2348037138546, +2347086555762 (Nigeria)
Email: arabadayoologundudu@gmail.com
Please only make the contact for the intended purpose.
Olódùmarè á fi ònà mò wá. Ire ooo
From the Àràbà.