T0 the worshippers in the New World, Olokun was very connected with therir ancestors. lt is the first Orisa to be received after what the Lukumi call the Warrior “Guereros.” The worshippers of Olokun believed that the bottom of the sea has become the graveyard of many of their ancestors. The elders knew that if they were close to Olokun they would be close to their ancestors. It was not surprising to me that song and homage to Olokun closes the celebration in the feast that the Lukumi call Bembe. Olokun is the goddess of the Sea. A story in Ilé lfe revealed that Olokun and Olosa were both wives of Olofin. One day Olofin decided to have a celebration and asked his wives to come show and show off their belongings. Olokun was very wealthy and she had tons of jewelry and dishes. At the end of an lbembe, the songs that were usually sung to Olokun are: Olokun gbawa 0. Olokun saves us Orisa saves us. Gbawa Orisa gbawa o hey. Orisa saves us Orisa saves us. Olokun is also very popular among the Benin people, probably because of the closeness to the ocean. The worshippers of Olokun in Benin Nigeria usually wear a lot of Efun powder in the ceremonies. Some stories said Olokun was a male energy and one of the strongest forces of the universe. There is only one day that we do not celebrate Orisa in Ife. But no one knows that day. It changes every year. Celebration of Odun Osaara begins the annual Orisa calendar in Ife.