Ogun is the spirit of lron and war. He is considered a male energy. All people who work with Iron and all kinds of metal are supposed to worship and appeal to Ogun every now and then as they engage in their profession. The Yoruba fear Ogun and believe that Ogun can kill anyone who lies or swear a false oath with Ogun. Ogun can kill them by causing them to have an accident. Oral tradition says that there are seven roads or aspects of Ogun. Ogun alara agbaja. Ogun alara, who is worshiped in llara; is the one who likes the dog. Ogun ajero a gba agbo. Ogun ajero; who is worshiped in ljero, likes the ram. Ogun Onikola amuje enia. The Ogun who makes decorative facial marks takes human blood. Ogun oni gbajamo irun ori ni je. The Ogun of the barber prefers human hair. ()gun’melémele a gba esun isu. The Ogun melemele takes the roasted yam. Ogun Sheriki ti doguri lehin odi. The Ogun of Sheriki has become the Ogun of distant town. Ogun ntor’oke ‘bo. Ogun was coming from the mountain, Aso ina lo mubo’ra. He covered himself with garment of fire. Ewu eje lo wo. He wore the garment of blood.

Ogun's Tools.

Ogun’s Tools.