Esu Statue.

Esu Statue.

Esu is one of the most important Irunmale.  Unlike Christianity or Islam, which portray Esu as

Lucifer who tricked humanity to commit sin to God by eating the forbidden fruits, Yoruba

perceive Esu as assistant of Olodumare.  Oral stories said that when Esu became too powerful

in heaven, Olodumaré sent Esu to govern the world.  The traditional Orisa worshippers believe

that all of the offerings they make to the Orisas usually end up with Esu. The belief is that Esu

can open or close the road on someone. Some say that he does both good and bad. He could

bring love and harmony and he could also bring misunderstandings and chaos if not appeased.

Esu could be represented with a piece of Stone or “Yangi.” There are some beautiful sculptures

of with braids and cowries on them, too.  Even molded concrete with the “ase” herbs in

them could be a symbol of Esu, but they are just symbols. The same is true for all the Orisas,

the concept of Esu is far more than the symbols. lt is in the Spirits and Faith.

In the Lukumi tradition, Esu is among the four initial Orisa received by the beginners whom

they call (Guereros) warriors. The order of the four Orisas are Esu, Ogun, Ososi and a smaller

version of Osun staff fiom the Osun that stands in front of Babalawos house.