Ooni: Don’t influence Ifa’s choice- Araba warns Kingmakers, Politicians

Ooni: Don’t influence Ifa’s choice- Araba warns Kingmakers, Politicians
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By Musliudeen Adebayo
Kingmakers and politicians have been warned against the impending danger in influencing or tampering with the choice of Ifa (Oracle), in the process of selection of the next Ooni of Ile-ife.
The Araba of the United States of America (USA), Chief Dayo Ologundudu gave this warning in an interactive session with journalists in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Wednesday.
Ologundudu expresses fear over the cultural orientation and competency of many of the potential Ooni saying ” most of the candidates that are willing to be the next ooni are not culturally oriented, I don’t think most of them can confiedently account for their experiences in the tradition and culture”
“They might be educated with Masters,Ph.D even professors but I dont think they realize what they are getting themselves into, even though the world has changed but being an Ooni is more than being adressed as a king because of the historical, culture and traditional ties that is associated with the position”.
He however advised that whoever is selected should submit himself to training and learn the rudiments of making a worthy Ooni
Ologundudu warned politicians against undermining the choice of the Oracle.
“Politicians should not tried to undermine the selection of Ooni of Ife,its the duty of the peaople and kingmakers to consult Ifa and the oracle to choose the right candidate that will bring peace and harmony, propserity and development to the town
The Araba who is also the Atayese Awo of Ile-ife said, “Ile-ife is significant to yoruba culture, history and tradition and deserve a leader who will be able to maintain the balance , promote and protect the integrity of the Yoruba Race, Ooni is a symbol of Oduduwa our progenitor and we dont have to make any mistake in selection of the righful person esle the irumole’s will be unhappy with us
“While eulogising the virtue of the late Oba okunade Sijuade, Araba said ” though his death was painful but he will be remembered for promoting and protecting the integrity of the Yoruba race with his influence and wealth”.
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