2831 Knollberry Ln. Decatur GA. 30034, Phone: (917) 841-6317/ (404) 917-6144

Greetings to all. Gbogbo omo Olodumare

We are writing you this letter so that you and your Temple can consider joining IFITI (International foundation for Ifa Temples Incorporated). We are doing this so that you and your Temple can be a part of the organization from the cradle. We know that we must be inclusive in order for us to make strong and unanimous efforts. Your input is essential from the beginning. Please log on to to view the Arabia’s activities and proposals.
Our religion and culture is at a crucial stage, as evidenced by the arguments and the disconnection of the many different groups and ideologies. The structure of our tradition is weakening, both in our homeland and in the new world. Many of the practitioners and Yoruba people are confused. It is time for us as a global community to bind together and unite on the one commonality we all share, which is Ifa. Ifa offers us the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and to preserve the glory of our existence for generations to come as part of the cradle of human evolution. Failure to unite and come together on this one principle can only impose further separation and confusion, eventually leading to greater degradation of our religion, culture, and tradition.
Considering your achievements and positive input in the community of Ifa and Yoruba tradition, Araba Adedayo Ologundudu respectfully calls on you to become a patron, board member, board of director or a regular member of IFITI. Araba Adedayo Ologundudu is positive you will be a valuable asset and contributor of important resources for the upliftment and development of IFITI, our people, our religion, culture, and tradition.
Please respond so we will have a clear understanding of your interest. We want to contact you for further communication, meetings and planning.
Please find attached the application form for INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR IFA TEMPLES INC. (IFITI). We look forward to your support and participation.
IFITI is not trying to take anyone away from their Iles or Temples. In fact, we are encouraging you and your Ile/ Temple to join us in the spiritual unification of Ifa Iles and Temples worldwide. It is the intent of Araba Adedayo Ologundudu to spiritually unite and bring the Iles and Temples together under a unified Ifa umbrella. We encourage you to talk to your leaders/heads of house/oluwo’s/iya’s and ile members so they too will join us in uniting Ifa’s way of life in sacred harmony. Below are some of our short term goals and long term goals. We want to encourage the establishment of Ifa and Orisa Temples across the world that will conduct weekly/monthly universal worship services, empowering our people to become more immersed with Ifa culture and religion like unto those of other religions and cultures of the world.

Our Short Term Goals:
1) To promote unity among the practitioners.
2) To uplift and strengthen the faith of the culture and religion.
3)To spread the knowledge and ethics of the culture and religion.
4) To lead prayers and bless ceremonies
5) To make peace and harmony among the different groups of practitioners.

Our Long Term Goals:
1, To establish our own educational institutions that strongly encourages cultural and ethical readiness.
2, To establish our own Health institutions that provides health care for our people in our cultural ways like other ethnic groups have in place for their people.
3, To have the right of marriage and burial rights that hold true to our culture.
4, To establish our own ceremonies and doctrine among other things
5, To get a seat in the United Nations to be recognized as a religion and cultural group separate from those of the Christians, Muslims and Jews.

It is of the upmost importance that we build and establish our institutions so that we can have something to leave for our children and the generations to come.

How to join IFITI: Fill out the Application form below. Please include your 50 dollar application fee of check, money order or pay pal payable to International Foundation for Ifa Temples Inc.(FITI) and send it back by email to or snail mail to 2831 Knollberry Ln. Decatur GA. 30034.
If accepted, you will receive an approval letter by email or USPS in the mail. If you do not want to join, you may wish to just support the organization. We do have series of benefits for those who give monetary support to the organization; such as our newsletters, productions like books published, cds, dvds and other materials that teach Yoruba Culture and values, depending on the amount of the monetary support. For more information, please log on to

Membership Application

Full Name____________________________________________________ Date of Birth ___________________

Address _________________________________________ Zip Code ________ County _________ State ______

Phone ______________________ Land Line ___________________ Emergency Number ___________________

Male/Female ____ Nationality ____________ Married /Single/ Other _______________ Children ___________

Yoruba Name (if you have one) __________________________________ Are you Initiated? Yes____ / No _____

Date of Initiation _______________ Where were you Initiated________________________________________

Who initiated you_____________________________________ What Orisa have your head_________________

Who is your Oluwo ____________________________ God Parents _____________________________________

Do You Belong To a Ile/Temple_______________________

Religious/cultural Beliefs________________________________________________________________________


In what area would you be most helpful? ___________________________________________
(a) Volunteer (b) Clerical (c) Recruiting (d)Physical worker (e) Security (f) Affiliate
(g) Research (h) Secretary (i) other
Please explain __________________________________________________________________

IFITI is a cultural as well as religious organization. Do you know anything about African Culture___?

Do you Speak an African language if so which language/s do you speak_____________________?

Are you willing to commit yourself to protecting and healing the earth and its inhabitants?

Are you willing to abide by the rules and regulation of IFITI (y/n_____ if not why_____________?

The International Foundation for Ifa Temples Inc. is a non-profit organization looking to have food and clothing drives. We are preparing to help the community at large with food, clothing and other things they may need. Are you willing to volunteer your time with these drives_________?

Keeping in mind the question above in the Area of Interest and the area of your interest, In what capacity are you willing to give time to that even if it is just volunteer? _____________________


Educational Back Ground _________________________________________________________

Is there anything else that you would like to add to this application that would help IFITI? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Name: ______________________________________________ Age: _______

Address: _____________________________________________ Phone: ___________________

School: _______________________________________________ Volunteer Credits: ________

Parent consent:_________________________Hours per week you can work: _______________

For school credits, please give contact information of teacher or councilor that we should contact.
For those volunteering that don’t need school credits just fill in your name, Phone number, address and hours you can give to IFITI.

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