Odu Ifa as well as the Christian Bible or any other Scriptures of wisdom contain no definition for God, but contains much allusion and praises to his  being and attributes.  Many of the African scolars do not believe or even understand Ifa.  May be because of how their educators who were mostly either Christinas or Muslims has presented or interpreted the knowledge in the Odu Ifa to them.

According to the Yoruba oral tradition from Ile-Ife,  Orunmila was the second of the Yoruba supreme beings said to have been jointly reponsible for the creation of the world.  Ifa was therefore praised as the witness of destiny.  “Eleri ipin” The other two supreme beings are in order, Oduduwa, and Orisa nla. Oduduwa was said to have been responsible for the general foundation of the earth and for furnishing the materials with which the main creatiioin of the Unvierse were built from. In order to practice Ifa divination, one must be initated to Ifa priest hood.  I hope the stories of the Odus in this book will help Ifa practitioners.

Ifa in itself is Truth, the living truth that is the Holy Breath of Olodumare, Almighty God.  That eternal truth which was and is and ever more shall be the truth that cannot change nor pass away.  Ifa is about thruthfulness, righteousness and peace on Earth.  Ifa is the Truth as th Yorubas have received it from their Priest and Prophet, Orunmila.  Ifa contains the five different kinds of truth: the scientific, the historical, the artistic, the theological and the logical.  Ifa is the synthesis of Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Sociology.  There is nothing under the sun that is not covered by Ifa.

Orunmila, the god of divination has several names.  Baramiagbonniregun, which means the tall staight palm tree;  Orunmila which replaces Orun mo eni ti yio la, meaning only heaven knows who will prevail;  Amomotan which means the one that you can never know all of;  Oyigiyigi, which means the immovable one;  Ikuforiji which means the one that death forgives; Eni ajiki meaning the one that changes the day of your death; Ogbonileaye, meaning the wisdom of the world.  Opitan Ile Ife which means the historian of the ancient Ife;  Atererekaye, meaning the one that spread al over the world;  Eleri pin meaning the witness of destiny;  Olokun asorodayo meaning the owner of the sea that makes all matters become joy;  Ope abi ewara meaning the one that when He says so it will be.

Orunmila is one of Olodumare’s principal representatives on Earth.  Great wisdom and power was bestowed on Orunmila by Olodumare.